C96 Canada

Relining and Re-barreling C96 Broomhandle Mauser Pistols in Canada

Many older C96 broomhandles have had a hard life - and have little or no original rifling left.

Often, the condition of the gun’s chamber is at least as bad - and frequently worse - than that of the bore.  Indeed, it is not uncommon to run-across a C96 where the chamber is grossly oversized – typically because the user had fired corrosive ammunition in the gun and cleaned it only by pushing a patch or wire brush down the bore.

This kind of deficient cleaning – typically practiced by user(s) who were too lazy or not knowledgeable enough to clean the gun properly simply served to move extra corrosive salts into the chamber area.

All this is bad news. A gun with a ruined bore will not group well - and any bullets that hit the target will often leave keyholes.  A gun with a seriously oversized chamber will have headspacing problems.  Accuracy will be very poor, fired cases will be oversized – to the point that they may not be reloadable and case splitting/ cartridge failures will be common.

Relining the barrel will give you an as-new bore and chamber and will make your gun shoot as well as – or better than the day it left the factory – with no effect on its original appearance.  We only reline to 7.63x25

We also re-barrel 7.63x25, 9x19 (Luger), as well as 9x23 and 9x25 (a.k.a 9mm Mauser Export) on a special order basis.  When we re-barrel, we normally can closely match the new barrel to the finish of your gun – so that the work is very difficult to detect.

Re-barreling provides extra options – in terms of barrel lengths.  For example, your Bolo or 1920 rework may have a barrel of only 4 inches or less – making this a prohibited firearm in Canada etc.  We can re-barrel this to a length which reclassifies it as restricted-only in Canada. We can even do multiple barrel sets, for a given gun.

We are also able to do chamber-only replacements to deal with the surprisingly large number of C96 pistols which have decent original bores but hopelessly oversized chambers.

All work is done in Canada by registered machinists and gunsmiths all with more than 30 years’ experience - with all work done in Canada. We do this work for Canadian and International clients but we do not accept order from the USA, owing to US firearms trade restrictions (“ITAR”).

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