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Convert Your firearm to 7.62x25

7.62x25 is a pretty sweet little cartridge.In a pistol it can deliver velocities of 1700 FPS and above.In a rifle or carbine, it can do nearly 2000 FPS Ė but still qualifies as a pistol round Ė so you can shoot your 7.62x25 rifle or carbine at a range that specifies pistol ammo only.You can get 7.62x25 surplus ammo everywhere often for as low as CAN$6 per box of 48 rounds.Thatís cheaper than .22 shells!

Too bad you canít buy a 1700 FPS 1911 off-the-shelf to shoot budget-saving 7.62x25.Too bad you canít buy an off-the-shelf CZ858 in this cartridge, etc, etc.

However, we are set up to do conversions to 7.62x25 in firearms such as the following.

         1911 type guns (normally working from a 9mm or 38 super firearm)

         Winchester 1905 (normally starting with the clientís 32 WSL gun)

         Spanish Destroyer Carbine

         Thureon Defense Carbine (9mm original model that takes STEN magazines)



         M1 Carbine (normally re-barreling to a non-restricted length - so that the gun can be deregistered, in Canada)

         others, Ö.

We only do this work for Canadian clients.

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