C96 Canada

Special Brass for Older Broomhandles

A surprisingly large number of older C96 broomhandles decent original bores, but seriously oversized chambers.  Guns get that way then the users cleaned the gun improperly – usually just by pushing a wire brush or down the muzzle of a gun which had fired corrosive ammunition.  This flawed cleaning approach only serves to put more corrosive salts in the chamber.

A gun with a seriously oversized chamber will have headspacing problems.  Accuracy will be very poor, fired cases will be oversized – to the point that they may not be reloadable and case splitting/ cartridge failures will be common.

We can fix this by relining or replacing the barrel or doing a chamber-only replacement.  However, if your oversized chamber isn’t too bad you can take advantage of the 7.63x25 case’s tapered design - and simply adjust your dies out a bit to correct for your head spacing problems. Even so, you will probably find that your reloadable cases will split in the neck and shoulder areas - after a firing or two.

The problem is that the reloadable cases which are commonly sold are fairly brittle and suffer from shock cracking when fired in an oversized chamber.  We sell our own proprietary 7.63x25/ .30 Mauser brass which is more malleable than the common commercial 7.63x25 and 7.62x25 commercial reloading brass - and which also is about 20% thicker where it counts – in the neck and shoulder areas.

It works well in guns which don’t have oversized chambers too.  This goes for CAN$75 per 100/ $650 per 1,000. We do not accept order from the USA, owing to US firearms trade restrictions (“ITAR”).

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