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Brno ZKM-611 - the other cool PPK Bond is definitely a cool guy - and if he chose to hunt groundhogs, he might dispense with any specialized hardware, furnished to him by Q branch, and might elect to use his beloved PPK for the task.

You may not have his licence to kill, but you too can legally hunt groundhogs - and other small game - with THIS PPK (CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW TO ENLARGE)

This is in-fact a Brno KMS 611 - sub model PPK. The KMS 611 is an all-business version of the really classy, ZKM 611. Both are 22 Magnum guns. Both are out of production and are sought after by folks who appreciate fine gun making (NOT to be confused with newer BRNO 22s).

The web will tell you how the KMS 611 (i.e., my gun) is different than the ZKM 611, but the latter is a bit more prissy - with checkering, etc. whereas the KMS 611 is - as noted, all-business (and Commander Bond would undoubtedly appreciate that). The KMS 611 (i.e, my gun) wasn't commercially imported to Canada, and so is more collectible.,,

In case you haven't deduced as much, the gun is a semi-auto take-down, fed by 10 (or 5) round magazines - which lock the action open, when empty. Bond would probably carry extras - in case his quiet hunt was infiltrated by agents of SPECTRE.

This one comes with a 10 round unit.

Act soon, as I'm sure that someone with a taste for fine guns will be shaken - if not stirred - to buy this beauty. [B]

$900, with the red dot shown included. Buyer pays shipping.).

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