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Gevarm E1 Walnut with super reliable aftermarket 10 shot clip

People who like Gevarms like them a lot. They basically never misfire. You can grab a handful of dud 22 LR rounds from the dud can at you range and unless they are bent etc. the Gevarm will shoot them all. The secret is the open bolt firing design and the fact that the bolt/ striker impacts the case head across its entire diameter. If there is any primer compound in there the Gevarm will find it and touch it off.

Do you hunt where you have to cross a lot of roads or where you have to get in and out of vehicles, etc. With your common 22 semi, you have to remove the mag, shuck the round out of the chamber and cross the road, then reload on the other side. Same deal entering and exiting a vehicle. With a Gevarm - or any other open bolt firing semi - you pull out the mag and the gun is 100% unloaded and safe. Cross the road, re-insert the mag and you are back in the hunt. No you don't have to rack the slide to chamber a round, etc, etc.

These things are legendary because they only have about 4 moving parts. Basically captured alien technology (actually from France in the 70's).

And yes if you always wanted a Thompson, Sten, UZI, etc. It is basically the same operating principle - but in semi-auto only

NICE guns too.

This one comes with one with super reliable aftermarket 10 shot clip and a 1.5x4.5 Bushnell scope. $525

Buyer pays shipping.

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